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2. What is new in this release ?

This release has a number of substantial changes over version 1.2. The most visible change is that the version of expect and Tcl included in the release are up-to-date with the current stable net releases. Other changes are:

  1. The config sub-system in DejaGnu has been completely redesigned. It now supports testing on remote hosts as well as remote targets.
  2. More builtin support for building target binaries with the correct linker flags. Currently this only works with GCC, preferably with a target support by libgloss.
  3. Lots of little bug fixes from a year of heavy use here at Cygnus Support.
  4. DejaGnu now uses autoconf for configuration.
  5. New test cases for DejaGnu have been added for the new features, plus the "–tool" option bug in the 1.2 testsuite has been fixed.
  6. The --tool option is now optional.
  7. runtest when searching for test drivers ignores all directories named SCCS, RCS, and CVS.
  8. There is now a generic keyword based test harness that uses comments in source code to control how each test case gets built and run.
  9. There is now some support for running a testsuite with multiple passes and multiple targets.

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