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4.0.3 Local Config File

It is usually more convenient to keep these “manual overrides” in the ‘site.exp’ local to each test directory, rather than in the “master” ‘site.exp’ in the DejaGnu library.

All local ‘site.exp’ usually files have two sections, separated by comment text. The first section is the part that is generated by make. It is essentially a collection of Tcl variable definitions based on ‘Makefile’ environment variables. Since they are generated by make, they contain the values as specified by configure. (You can also customize these values by using the ‘--site’ option to configure.) In particular, this section contains the ‘Makefile’ variables for host and target configuration data. Do not edit this first section; if you do, your changes are replaced next time you run make.

The first section starts with:

## these variables are automatically generated by make ##
# Do not edit here. If you wish to override these values
# add them to the last section

In the second section, you can override any default values (locally to DejaGnu) for all the variables. The second section can also contain your preferred defaults for all the command line options to runtest. This allows you to easily customize runtest for your preferences in each configured test-suite tree, so that you need not type options repeatedly on the command line. (The second section may also be empty, if you do not wish to override any defaults.)

The first section ends with this line:

## All variables above are generated by configure. Do Not Edit ##

You can make any changes under this line. If you wish to redefine a variable in the top section, then just put a duplicate value in this second section. Usually the values defined in this config file are related to the configuration of the test run. This is the ideal place to set the variables host_triplet, build_triplet, target_triplet. All other variables are tool dependant, i.e., for testing a compiler, the value for CC might be set to a freshly built binary, as opposed to one in the user’s path.

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