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5.6 The files DejaGnu reads

The runtest program used to invoke DejaGnu is a short shell script generated by make during the configuration process. Its main task is to read the main test framework driver, ‘runtest.exp’.

runtest.exp’, in turn, reads expect code from certain other files, in this order:

  1. Each of the ‘site.exp’ local definition files available. See section Setting runtest defaults, for details.
  2. lib/utils.exp’, a collection of utility procedures. See section DejaGnu Builtins, for descriptions of these procedures.
  3. lib/framework.exp’, a file of subroutines meant for runtest itself rather than for general-purpose use in both runtest and test suites.
  4. debugger.exp’, Don Libes’ Tcl Debugger. (See A Debugger for Tcl Applications by Don Libes. This paper is distributed with expect in PostScript form as the file ‘expect/’.)
  5. lib/remote.exp’, a collection of subroutines meant for connecting to remote machines.
  6. lib/target.exp’, a collection of subroutines used for the configuration systems in DejaGnu. These procedures typically manipulate or utilize the configuration system.
  7. An initialization file tool_init.exp. See section Initialization module, for more discussion of init files.

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