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6.5 Special variables used by test cases

Your test cases can use these variables, with conventional meanings (as well as the variables saved in ‘site.exp’ see section Setting runtest defaults):

These variables are available to all test cases.


The tracking system (e.g. GNATS) number identifying a corresponding bugreport. (‘0’ if you do not specify it in the test script.)


An optional bug id; may reflect a bug identification from another organization. (‘0’ if you do not specify it.)


The subdirectory for the current test case.

These variables should never be changed. They appear in most tests.


The output from the last command. This is an internal variable set by expect.


This is the output from a tool_load command. This only applies to tools like GCC and GAS which produce an object file that must in turn be executed to complete a test.


This is the output from a tool_start command. This is conventionally used for batch oriented programs, like GCC and GAS, that may produce interesting output (warnings, errors) without further interaction.

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