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A.2 Installing DejaGnu

To install DejaGnu in your filesystem (either in ‘/usr/local’, or as specified by your ‘--prefix’ option to configure), execute

eg$ make install

make install’ does these things for DejaGnu:

  1. Look in the path specified for executables (‘$exec_prefix’) for directories called ‘lib’ and ‘bin’. If these directories do not exist, ‘make install’ creates them.
  2. Create another directory in the ‘lib’ directory, called ‘dejagnu’.
  3. Copy the runtest shell script into ‘$exec_prefix/bin’.
  4. Copy all the library files (used to support the framework) into ‘$exec_prefix/lib/dejagnu’.
  5. Copy ‘runtest.exp’ into ‘$exec_prefix/lib/dejagnu’. This is the main Tcl code implementing DejaGnu.

Each test suite collection comes with simple installation instructions in a ‘README’ file; in general, the test suites are designed to be unpacked in the source directory for the corresponding tool, and extract into a directory called ‘testsuite’.

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