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gawk: Advanced Features

 12 Advanced Features of 'gawk'
      Write documentation as if whoever reads it is a violent psychopath
      who knows where you live.
             -- _Steve English, as quoted by Peter Langston_
    This major node discusses advanced features in 'gawk'.  It's a bit of
 a "grab bag" of items that are otherwise unrelated to each other.
 First, we look at a command-line option that allows 'gawk' to recognize
 nondecimal numbers in input data, not just in 'awk' programs.  Then,
 'gawk''s special features for sorting arrays are presented.  Next,
 two-way I/O, discussed briefly in earlier parts of this Info file, is
 described in full detail, along with the basics of TCP/IP networking.
 Finally, we see how 'gawk' can "profile" an 'awk' program, making it
 possible to tune it for performance.
    Additional advanced features are discussed in separate major nodes of
 their own:
    * ⇒Internationalization, discusses how to internationalize
      your 'awk' programs, so that they can speak multiple national
    * ⇒Debugger, describes 'gawk''s built-in command-line debugger
      for debugging 'awk' programs.
    * ⇒Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic, describes how you can use
      'gawk' to perform arbitrary-precision arithmetic.
    * ⇒Dynamic Extensions, discusses the ability to dynamically
      add new built-in functions to 'gawk'.


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