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gawk: Debugging Summary

 14.6 Summary
    * Programs rarely work correctly the first time.  Finding bugs is
      called debugging, and a program that helps you find bugs is a
      debugger.  'gawk' has a built-in debugger that works very similarly
      to the GNU Debugger, GDB.
    * Debuggers let you step through your program one statement at a
      time, examine and change variable and array values, and do a number
      of other things that let you understand what your program is
      actually doing (as opposed to what it is supposed to do).
    * Like most debuggers, the 'gawk' debugger works in terms of stack
      frames, and lets you set both breakpoints (stop at a point in the
      code) and watchpoints (stop when a data value changes).
    * The debugger command set is fairly complete, providing control over
      breakpoints, execution, viewing and changing data, working with the
      stack, getting information, and other tasks.
    * If the GNU Readline library is available when 'gawk' is compiled,
      it is used by the debugger to provide command-line history and
    * Usually, the debugger does not not affect the program being
      debugged, but occasionally it can.
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