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gawk: List of Debugger Commands

 14.3 Main Debugger Commands
 The 'gawk' debugger command set can be divided into the following
    * Breakpoint control
    * Execution control
    * Viewing and changing data
    * Working with the stack
    * Getting information
    * Miscellaneous
    Each of these are discussed in the following subsections.  In the
 following descriptions, commands that may be abbreviated show the
 abbreviation on a second description line.  A debugger command name may
 also be truncated if that partial name is unambiguous.  The debugger has
 the built-in capability to automatically repeat the previous command
 just by hitting 'Enter'.  This works for the commands 'list', 'next',
 'nexti', 'step', 'stepi', and 'continue' executed without any argument.


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