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gawk: Programs Summary

 11.4 Summary
    * The programs provided in this major node continue on the theme that
      reading programs is an excellent way to learn Good Programming.
    * Using '#!' to make 'awk' programs directly runnable makes them
      easier to use.  Otherwise, invoke the program using 'awk -f ...'.
    * Reimplementing standard POSIX programs in 'awk' is a pleasant
      exercise; 'awk''s expressive power lets you write such programs in
      relatively few lines of code, yet they are functionally complete
      and usable.
    * One of standard 'awk''s weaknesses is working with individual
      characters.  The ability to use 'split()' with the empty string as
      the separator can considerably simplify such tasks.
    * The examples here demonstrate the usefulness of the library
      functions from ⇒Library Functions for a number of real (if
      small) programs.
    * Besides reinventing POSIX wheels, other programs solved a selection
      of interesting problems, such as finding duplicate words in text,
      printing mailing labels, and finding anagrams.
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