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2.4 Installing Translations for Particular Programs

Languages are not equally well supported in all packages using GNU gettext, and more translations are added over time. Usually, you use the translations that are shipped with the operating system or with particular packages that you install afterwards. But you can also install newer localizations directly. For doing this, you will need an understanding where each localization file is stored on the file system.

For programs that participate in the Translation Project, you can start looking for translations here: A snapshot of this information is also found in the ‘ABOUT-NLS’ file that is shipped with GNU gettext.

For programs that are part of the KDE project, the starting point is:

For programs that are part of the GNOME project, the starting point is:

For other programs, you may check whether the program’s source code package contains some ‘ll.po’ files; often they are kept together in a directory called ‘po/’. Each ‘ll.po’ file contains the message translations for the language whose abbreviation of ll.

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