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xcrun(1)                  BSD General Commands Manual                 xcrun(1)


       xcrun - Run or locate development tools and properties.


       xcrun [--sdk <SDK name>] --find <tool name>

       xcrun [--sdk <SDK name>] <tool name> ... tool arguments ...

       <tool name> ... tool arguments ...


       xcrun  provides  a  means  to locate or invoke developer tools from the
       command-line, without requiring users to modify Makefiles or  otherwise
       take inconvenient measures to support multiple Xcode tool chains.

       The tool xcode-select(1) is used to set a system default for the active
       developer directory, and may be overridden by the  DEVELOPER_DIR  envi-
       ronment variable (see ENVIRONMENT).

       The  SDK  which  will be searched defaults to the most recent available
       SDK, and can be specified by the SDKROOT environment  variable  or  the
       --sdk  option  (which  takes  precedences  over  SDKROOT). When used to
       invoke another tool (as opposed to simply finding it), xcrun will  pro-
       vide  the  absolute path to the selected SDK in the SDKROOT environment
       variable. See ENVIRONMENT for more information.

       xcrun supports several different usages, to both look up the  paths  to
       tools as well as execute them.

       When  used  with  the  --find  argument, as in xcrun [--sdk <SDK name>]
       --find <tool name>, the absolute path to the tool (in the provided SDK,
       if given) will be printed.

       When  used  without --find, the name of a tool is required and the tool
       will be executed with the provided arguments.

       When used as the target of a symbolic link, it derives the tool name to
       use from the name it was invoked under, and then executes that tool.


       -v, --verbose
              Add verbose information on how the tool lookup is performed.

       -n, --no-cache
              Don't  consult  the  cache  when  looking  up values. In effect,
              causes the cache entry to be refreshed.

       -k, --kill-cache
              Removes the cache. Causes all values to be re-cached.

       --sdk  Specifies which SDK to search for tools. If no --sdk argument is
              provided, then the SDK used will be taken from the SDKROOT envi-
              ronment variable, if present.

              Use xcodebuild -showsdks to list the available SDK names.

              Specifies which toolchain to use to perform the  lookup.  If  no
              --toolchain argument is provided, then the toolchain to use will
              be taken from the TOOLCHAINS environment variable, if present.

       -l, --log
              Print the full command line that is invoked.

       -f, --find
              Enable "find" mode, in which the resolved tool path  is  printed
              instead of the tool being executed.

       -r, --run
              Enable  "run"  mode, in which the resolved tool path is executed
              with any provided additional  arguments.  This  is  the  default

              Print the path to the selected SDK.

              Print the version number of the selected SDK.

              Print the build version number of the selected SDK.

              Print the path to the platform for the selected SDK.

              Print the version number of the platform for the selected SDK.


          Overrides the active developer directory. When DEVELOPER_DIR is set,
          its value will be used instead of the system-wide  active  developer

          Specifies  the  default  SDK  to be used when looking up tools (some
          tools may have SDK specific versions).

          This environment variable is also set by xcrun to  be  the  absolute
          path  to  the  user  provided  SDK  (either via SDKROOT or the --sdk
          option), when it is used to invoke a normal  developer  tool  (build
          tools like xcodebuild or make are exempt from this behavior).

          For example, if xcrun is used to invoke clang via:
              xcrun --sdk macosx clang test.c

          then xcrun will provide the full path to the macosx SDK in the envi-
          ronment variable SDKROOT. That in turn will be used by  clang(1)  to
          automatically select that SDK when compiling the test.c file.

          Specifies  the  default  toolchain  to be used when looking up tools
          (for tools which are toolchain specific).

          Same as specifying --log.

          Same as specifying --no-cache.

          Same as specifying --verbose.


       xcrun --find clang
          Finds the path to the clang binary in the default SDK.

       xcrun --sdk iphoneos --find texturetool
          Finds the path to the texturetool binary in the iOS SDK.

       xcrun --sdk macosx --show-sdk-path
          Prints the path to the current Mac OS X SDK.

       xcrun git status
          Locates the git command and then executes it with a single  argument


       When  xcrun  is  invoked  with  the  name  xcrun, the options --log and
       --verbose are useful debugging aids. The option --no-cache can be  used
       to bypass cache lookup, but often at a significant cost in performance.

       When xcrun has taken the place of another tool, the arguments are those
       of  the  tool replaced, and the various xcrun options can't be used. In
       this case, use the specific environment variables instead.


       xcodebuild(1), xcode-select(1)

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