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       CPAN::Meta::History - history of CPAN Meta Spec changes


       version 2.150010


       The CPAN Meta Spec has gone through several iterations.  It was
       originally written in HTML and later revised into POD (though published
       in HTML generated from the POD).  Fields were added, removed or
       changed, sometimes by design and sometimes to reflect real-world usage
       after the fact.

       This document reconstructs the history of the CPAN Meta Spec based on
       change logs, repository commit messages and the published HTML files.
       In some cases, particularly prior to version 1.2, the exact version
       when certain fields were introduced or changed is inconsistent between
       sources.  When in doubt, the published HTML files for versions 1.0 to
       1.4 as they existed when version 2 was developed are used as the
       definitive source.

       Starting with version 2, the specification document is part of the
       CPAN-Meta distribution and will be published on CPAN as

       Going forward, specification version numbers will be integers and
       decimal portions will correspond to a release date for the CPAN::Meta


   Version 2
       April 2010

       o   Revised spec examples as perl data structures rather than YAML

       o   Switched to JSON serialization from YAML

       o   Specified allowed version number formats

       o   Replaced 'requires', 'build_requires', 'configure_requires',
           'recommends' and 'conflicts' with new 'prereqs' data structure
           divided by phase (configure, build, test, runtime, etc.) and
           relationship (requires, recommends, suggests, conflicts)

       o   Added support for 'develop' phase for requirements for maintaining
           a list of authoring tools

       o   Changed 'license' to a list and revised the set of valid licenses

       o   Made 'dynamic_config' mandatory to reduce confusion

       o   Changed 'resources' subkey 'repository' to a hash that clarifies
           repository type, url for browsing and url for checkout

       o   Changed 'resources' subkey 'bugtracker' to a hash for either web or
           mailto resource

       o   Changed specification of 'optional_features':

           o   Added formal specification and usage guide instead of just

           o   Changed to use new prereqs data structure instead of individual

       o   Clarified intended use of 'author' as generalized contact list

       o   Added 'release_status' field to indicate stable, testing or
           unstable status to provide hints to indexers

       o   Added 'description' field for a longer description of the

       o   Formalized use of "x_" or "X_" for all custom keys not listed in
           the official spec

   Version 1.4
       June 2008

       o   Noted explicit support for 'perl' in prerequisites

       o   Added 'configure_requires' prerequisite type

       o   Changed 'optional_features'

           o   Example corrected to show map of maps instead of list of maps
               (though descriptive text said 'map' even in v1.3)

           o   Removed 'requires_packages', 'requires_os' and 'excluded_os' as
               valid subkeys

   Version 1.3
       November 2006

       o   Added 'no_index' subkey 'directory' and removed 'dir' to match
           actual usage in the wild

       o   Added a 'repository' subkey to 'resources'

   Version 1.2
       August 2005

       o   Re-wrote and restructured spec in POD syntax

       o   Changed 'name' to be mandatory

       o   Changed 'generated_by' to be mandatory

       o   Changed 'license' to be mandatory

       o   Added version range specifications for prerequisites

       o   Added required 'abstract' field

       o   Added required 'author' field

       o   Added required 'meta-spec' field to define 'version' (and 'url') of
           the CPAN Meta Spec used for metadata

       o   Added 'provides' field

       o   Added 'no_index' field and deprecated 'private' field.  'no_index'
           subkeys include 'file', 'dir', 'package' and 'namespace'

       o   Added 'keywords' field

       o   Added 'resources' field with subkeys 'homepage', 'license', and

       o   Added 'optional_features' field as an alternate under 'recommends'.
           Includes 'description', 'requires', 'build_requires', 'conflicts',
           'requires_packages', 'requires_os' and 'excluded_os' as valid

       o   Removed 'license_uri' field

   Version 1.1
       May 2003

       o   Changed 'version' to be mandatory

       o   Added 'private' field

       o   Added 'license_uri' field

   Version 1.0
       March 2003

       o   Original release (in HTML format only)

       o   Included 'name', 'version', 'license', 'distribution_type',
           'requires', 'recommends', 'build_requires', 'conflicts',
           'dynamic_config', 'generated_by'


       o   David Golden <>

       o   Ricardo Signes <>

       o   Adam Kennedy <>


       This software is copyright (c) 2010 by David Golden, Ricardo Signes,
       Adam Kennedy and Contributors.

       This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
       the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

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