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       CPAN::Plugin::Specfile - Proof of concept implementation of a trivial


         # once in the cpan shell
         o conf plugin_list push CPAN::Plugin::Specfile

         # make permanent
         o conf commit

         # any time in the cpan shell to write a spec file
         test Acme::Meta

         # disable
         o conf plugin_list pop


       Implemented as a post-test hook, this plugin writes a specfile after
       every successful test run. The content is also written to the terminal.

       As a side effect, the timestamps of the written specfiles reflect the
       linear order of all dependencies.

       WARNING: This code is just a small demo how to use the plugin system of
       the CPAN shell, not a full fledged spec file writer. Do not expect new
       features in this plugin.

       The target directory to store the spec files in can be set using "dir"
       as in

         o conf plugin_list push CPAN::Plugin::Specfile=dir,/tmp/specfiles-000042

       The default directory for this is the "plugins/CPAN::Plugin::Specfile"
       directory in the cpan_home directory.


       Andreas Koenig <>, Branislav Zahradnik <>

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