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Pod::Text::Color(3pm)  Perl Programmers Reference Guide  Pod::Text::Color(3pm)


       Pod::Text::Color - Convert POD data to formatted color ASCII text


           use Pod::Text::Color;
           my $parser = Pod::Text::Color->new (sentence => 0, width => 78);

           # Read POD from STDIN and write to STDOUT.

           # Read POD from file.pod and write to file.txt.
           $parser->parse_from_file ('file.pod', 'file.txt');


       Pod::Text::Color is a simple subclass of Pod::Text that highlights
       output text using ANSI color escape sequences.  Apart from the color,
       it in all ways functions like Pod::Text.  See Pod::Text for details and
       available options.

       Term::ANSIColor is used to get colors and therefore must be installed
       to use this module.


       This is just a basic proof of concept.  It should be seriously expanded
       to support configurable coloration via options passed to the
       constructor, and pod2text should be taught about those.


       Pod::Text(3), Pod::Simple(3)

       The current version of this module is always available from its web
       site at <>.  It is also
       part of the Perl core distribution as of 5.6.0.


       Russ Allbery <>.


       Copyright 1999, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009 Russ Allbery

       This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

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