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Sys::Hostname(3pm)     Perl Programmers Reference Guide     Sys::Hostname(3pm)


       Sys::Hostname - Try every conceivable way to get hostname


           use Sys::Hostname;
           $host = hostname;


       Attempts several methods of getting the system hostname and then caches
       the result.  It tries the first available of the C library's
       gethostname(), "`$Config{aphostname}`", uname(2),
       "syscall(SYS_gethostname)", "`hostname`", "`uname -n`", and the file
       /com/host.  If all that fails it "croak"s.

       All NULs, returns, and newlines are removed from the result.


       David Sundstrom <>

       Texas Instruments

       XS code added by Greg Bacon <>

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