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       TAP::Formatter::Color - Run Perl test scripts with color


       Version 3.36


       Note that this harness is experimental.  You may not like the colors
       I've chosen and I haven't yet provided an easy way to override them.

       This test harness is the same as TAP::Harness, but test results are
       output in color.  Passing tests are printed in green.  Failing tests
       are in red.  Skipped tests are blue on a white background and TODO
       tests are printed in white.

       If Term::ANSIColor cannot be found (or Win32::Console if running under
       Windows) tests will be run without color.


        use TAP::Formatter::Color;
        my $harness = TAP::Formatter::Color->new( \%args );


   Class Methods

       The constructor returns a new "TAP::Formatter::Color" object. If
       Term::ANSIColor is not installed, returns undef.



       Returns a boolean indicating whether or not this module can actually
       generate colored output. This will be false if it could not load the
       modules needed for the current platform.


       Set the output color.

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