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TAP::Harness::Env(3pm) Perl Programmers Reference Guide TAP::Harness::Env(3pm)


       TAP::Harness::Env - Parsing harness related environmental variables
       where appropriate


       Version 3.36


        my $harness = TAP::Harness::Env->create(\%extra_args)


       This module implements the environmental variables that Test::Harness
       uses with TAP::Harness, and instantiates the appropriate class with the
       appropriate arguments.


       o   create( \%args )

           This function reads the environment and generates an appropriate
           argument hash from it. If given any arguments in %extra_args, these
           will override the environmental defaults. In accepts
           "harness_class" (which defaults to "TAP::Harness"), and any
           argument the harness class accepts.


           Setting this adds perl command line switches to each test file run.

           For example, "HARNESS_PERL_SWITCHES=-T" will turn on taint mode.
           "HARNESS_PERL_SWITCHES=-MDevel::Cover" will run "Devel::Cover" for
           each test.

           If true, "TAP::Harness" will output the verbose results of running
           its tests.

           Specifies a TAP::Harness subclass to be used in place of

           Provide additional options to the harness. Currently supported
           options are:

               Run <n> (default 9) parallel jobs.

           "c" Try to color output. See "new" in TAP::Formatter::Base.

               Will use TAP::Harness::Archive as the harness class, and save
               the TAP to "file.tgz"

               Set the formatter_class of the harness being run. Since the
               "HARNESS_OPTIONS" is seperated by ":", we use "-" instead.

           Multiple options may be separated by colons:

               HARNESS_OPTIONS=j9:c make test

           Setting this to true will make the harness display the number of
           milliseconds each test took.  You can also use prove's "--timer"

           Attempt to produce color output.

           If set to a true value instruct "TAP::Parser" to ignore exit and
           wait status from test scripts.

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