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vars(3pm)              Perl Programmers Reference Guide              vars(3pm)


       vars - Perl pragma to predeclare global variable names


           use vars qw($frob @mung %seen);


       NOTE: For use with variables in the current package for a single scope,
       the functionality provided by this pragma has been superseded by "our"
       declarations, available in Perl v5.6.0 or later, and use of this pragma
       is discouraged.  See "our" in perlfunc.

       This pragma will predeclare all the variables whose names are in the
       list, allowing you to use them under "use strict", and disabling any
       typo warnings for them.

       Unlike pragmas that affect the $^H hints variable, the "use vars" and
       "use subs" declarations are not lexically scoped to the block they
       appear in: they affect the entire package in which they appear.  It is
       not possible to rescind these declarations with "no vars" or "no subs".

       Packages such as the AutoLoader and SelfLoader that delay loading of
       subroutines within packages can create problems with package lexicals
       defined using "my()". While the vars pragma cannot duplicate the effect
       of package lexicals (total transparency outside of the package), it can
       act as an acceptable substitute by pre-declaring global symbols,
       ensuring their availability to the later-loaded routines.

       See "Pragmatic Modules" in perlmodlib(1).

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