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gb2312(5)                   BSD File Formats Manual                  gb2312(5)


     gb2312 -- GB2312 encoding method for Chinese text


     ENCODING "GB2312"


     The GB2312 encoding implements GB 2312-1980, a PRC national standard for
     the encoding of simplified Chinese characters.

     Multibyte characters in the GB2312 encoding can be one byte or two bytes
     long.  GB 11383-1981 (ASCII) characters are represented by single bytes
     in the range 0x00 to 0x7F.  Simplified Chinese characters are represented
     by two bytes, both in the range 0xA1-0xFE.


     euc(5), gb18030(5), gbk(5)


     The GB2312 encoding is believed to be compatible with GB 2312-1980.  This
     standard has been superseded by GB 18030-2000, but is still in wide use.

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