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apfs.util(8)              BSD System Manager's Manual             apfs.util(8)


     apfs.util -- APFS file system utility


     apfs.util -p device removable writable
     apfs.util -k device
     apfs.util -s device
     apfs.util -B


     The apfs.util command supports the probing of apfs volumes, getting a
     volume UUID and setting container and volume UUIDs.


     -p device removable writable
             Probe the device to determine whether it contains an apfs volume.
             The removable and writable arguments are ignored for compatibil-
             ity with other file system utilities.

     -k      Return the UUID of the apfs volume on device.

     -s      Set UUIDs for the container and the volume(s) on the device to
             new random values.

     -B      Bootstrap root container by creating and mounting VM volume and
             mount preboot volume if one exists.

             -B cannot be used with -p, -s or -k.




     The apfs.util utility first appeared in OS X 10.12.

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