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for Cairo 1.17.6

cairo_t — The cairo drawing context
Paths — Creating paths and manipulating path data
cairo_pattern_t — Sources for drawing
Regions — Representing a pixel-aligned area
Transformations — Manipulating the current transformation matrix
text — Rendering text and glyphs
Raster Sources — Supplying arbitrary image data
Tags and Links — Hyperlinks and document structure
cairo_font_face_t — Base class for font faces
cairo_scaled_font_t — Font face at particular size and options
cairo_font_options_t — How a font should be rendered
FreeType Fonts — Font support for FreeType
Win32 GDI Fonts — Font support for Microsoft Windows
DWrite Fonts — Font support for Microsoft DWrite
Quartz (CGFont) Fonts — Font support via CGFont on OS X
User Fonts — Font support with font data provided by the user
cairo_device_t — interface to underlying rendering system
cairo_surface_t — Base class for surfaces
Image Surfaces — Rendering to memory buffers
PDF Surfaces — Rendering PDF documents
PNG Support — Reading and writing PNG images
PostScript Surfaces — Rendering PostScript documents
Recording Surfaces — Records all drawing operations
Win32 Surfaces — Microsoft Windows surface support
SVG Surfaces — Rendering SVG documents
Quartz Surfaces — Rendering to Quartz surfaces
XCB Surfaces — X Window System rendering using the XCB library
XLib Surfaces — X Window System rendering using XLib
XLib-XRender Backend — X Window System rendering using XLib and the X Render extension
Script Surfaces — Rendering to replayable scripts
cairo_matrix_t — Generic matrix operations
Error handling — Decoding cairo's status
Version Information — Compile-time and run-time version checks.
Types — Generic data types
A. Creating a language binding for cairo
General considerations
Memory management
Multiple return values
Overloading and optional arguments
Streams and File I/O
Error handling
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