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API Reference

Table of Contents

Types and Collections
Fundamental types — Types for 16-bit integers
EggDBusObjectPath — Object path types
EggDBusSignature — Signature types
EggDBusArraySeq — Arrays
EggDBusHashMap — Hash Maps
EggDBusVariant — Holds a value and a type
EggDBusStructure — D-Bus structures
D-Bus Operations
EggDBusConnection — Connection
EggDBusObjectProxy — Proxy for remote objects
EggDBusInterfaceProxy — Abstract base class for interface proxies
EggDBusMethodInvocation — Handling remote method calls
EggDBusError — Error helper functions
EggDBusBusNameTracker — Track bus names
EggDBusMessage — Represents a D-Bus message
EggDBusInterface — Encapsulates a D-Bus interface
Well-known D-Bus Interfaces
EggDBusBus — Message bus daemon interface
EggDBusPeer — Minimal peering interface
EggDBusProperties — Properties interface
EggDBusIntrospectable — Introspection interface
Example of Generated Code
TestFrob — Frob interface used for testing
TestTweak — Tweak interface used for testing
TestTwiddle — Twiddle interface used for testing
TestPoint — 2D point
TestPair — Pair of integers
TestDescribedPair — Described pair
TestDescribedPoint — Described point
TestExtendedDescribedPoint — Extended described point
TestStructWithVariant — Complex structure
TestSubject — Example of user-supplied structure wrapper
TestError — Errors
TestDetailedError — Detailed errors
TestCreateFlags — Creation flags
TestDeleteFlags — Deletion flags
TestOtherFlags — Some other flags
TestVehicle — Vehicles
Example of Generated D-Bus docs
org.freedesktop.DBus Interface — Message bus daemon interface
org.freedesktop.DBus.Peer Interface — Minimal peering interface
org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties Interface — Properties interface
org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable Interface — Introspection interface
CreateFlags Flag Enumeration — Creation flags
DeleteFlags Flag Enumeration — Deletion flags
com.example.Error.Detailed.* Error Domain — Detailed errors
com.example.Error.* Error Domain — Errors
OtherFlags Flag Enumeration — Some other flags
Vehicle Enumeration — Vehicles
Pair Structure — Pair of integers
Point Structure — 2D point
DescribedPair Structure — Described pair
DescribedPoint Structure — Described point
StructWithVariant Structure — Complex structure
ExtendedDescribedPoint Structure — Extended described point
com.example.Frob Interface — Frob interface used for testing
com.example.Tweak Interface — Tweak interface used for testing
com.example.Twiddle Interface — Twiddle interface used for testing
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