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for GData 0.17.9.

I. GData Overview
GData Overview — overview of libgdata's architecture
Running GData Applications — running and debugging GData applications
Object Hierarchy
II. Core API
Core API
Version Information
GDataService — GData service object
GDataQuery — GData query object
GDataFeed — GData feed object
GDataEntry — GData entry object
GData Types — miscellaneous data types
GDataParsable — GData parsable object
GDataDownloadStream — GData download stream object
GDataUploadStream — GData upload stream object
GDataComparable — GData comparable interface
Access Control List API
GDataAccessHandler — GData access handler interface
GDataAccessRule — GData access rule object
Batch Operation API
GDataBatchable — GData batch service interface
GDataBatchOperation — GData batch operation object
Authentication/Authorization API
GDataAuthorizer — GData authorization interface
GDataAuthorizationDomain — GData authorization domain
GDataClientLoginAuthorizer — GData ClientLogin authorization interface
GDataGoaAuthorizer — GData GOA authorization interface
GDataOAuth1Authorizer — GData OAuth 1.0 authorization interface
GDataOAuth2Authorizer — GData OAuth 2.0 authorization interface
Comment API
GDataCommentable — GData commentable interface
GDataComment — GData comment object
III. Namespace API
Atom API
GDataAuthor — Atom author element
GDataCategory — Atom category element
GDataGenerator — Atom generator element
GDataLink — Atom link element
Atom Publishing Protocol API
GDataAPPCategories — GData APP categories object
GDataGDEmailAddress — GData e-mail address element
GDataGDIMAddress — GData instant messaging address element
GDataGDName — GData name element
GDataGDOrganization — GData organization element
GDataGDPhoneNumber — GData phone number element
GDataGDPostalAddress — GData postal address element
GDataGDReminder — GData reminder element
GDataGDWhen — GData when element
GDataGDWhere — GData where element
GDataGDWho — GData who element
GContact API
GDataGContactCalendar — gContact calendar element
GDataGContactEvent — gContact event element
GDataGContactExternalID — gContact externalId element
GDataGContactJot — gContact jot element
GDataGContactLanguage — gContact language element
GDataGContactRelation — gContact relation element
GDataGContactWebsite — gContact website element
GDataMediaCategory — Media RSS category element
GDataMediaContent — Media RSS content element
GDataMediaCredit — Media RSS credit element
GDataMediaThumbnail — Media RSS thumbnail element
YouTube API
GDataYouTubeCategory — YouTube category element
GDataYouTubeContent — YouTube content element
GDataYouTubeCredit — YouTube credit element
GDataYouTubeState — YouTube state element
IV. Service APIs
YouTube API
GDataYouTubeService — GData YouTube service object
GDataYouTubeFeed — GData YouTube feed object
GDataYouTubeQuery — GData YouTube query object
GDataYouTubeVideo — GData YouTube video object
GDataYouTubeComment — GData YouTube comment object
Google Calendar API
GDataCalendarService — GData Calendar service object
GDataCalendarFeed — GData Calendar feed object
GDataCalendarQuery — GData Calendar query object
GDataCalendarCalendar — GData Calendar calendar object
GDataCalendarEvent — GData Calendar event object
GDataCalendarAccessRule — GData Calendar access rule object
Google Contacts API
GDataContactsService — GData Contacts service object
GDataContactsQuery — GData Contacts query object
GDataContactsContact — GData Contacts contact object
GDataContactsGroup — GData Contacts group object
Google Documents/Drive API
GDataDocumentsService — GData Documents service object
GDataDocumentsFeed — GData documents feed object
GDataDocumentsQuery — GData Documents query object
GDataDocumentsUploadQuery — GData Documents upload query object
GDataDocumentsEntry — GData document object abstract class
GDataDocumentsDocument — GData documents document object
GDataDocumentsFolder — GData documents folder object
GDataDocumentsDrawing — GData Documents drawing object
GDataDocumentsPdf — GData Documents pdf object
GDataDocumentsPresentation — GData documents presentation object
GDataDocumentsSpreadsheet — GData Documents spreadsheet object
GDataDocumentsText — GData Documents text object
GDataDocumentsMetadata — GData document service metadata class
GDataDocumentsAccessRule — GData Documents access rule object
Google PicasaWeb API
GDataPicasaWebService — GData PicasaWeb service object
GDataPicasaWebFeed — GData PicasaWeb Feed object
GDataPicasaWebQuery — GData PicasaWeb query object
GDataPicasaWebAlbum — GData PicasaWeb album object
GDataPicasaWebFile — GData PicasaWeb file object
GDataPicasaWebUser — GData PicasaWeb User object
GDataPicasaWebComment — GData PicasaWeb comment object
Google Tasks API
GDataTasksService — GData Tasks service object
GDataTasksQuery — GData Tasks query object
GDataTasksTasklist — GData Tasks tasklist object
GDataTasksTask — GData Tasks task object
Google Freebase API
GDataFreebaseService — GData Freebase service object
GDataFreebaseQuery — GData Freebase query object
GDataFreebaseResult — GData Freebase result object
GDataFreebaseTopicQuery — GData Freebase topic query object
GDataFreebaseTopicResult — GData Freebase topic result object
GDataFreebaseSearchQuery — GData Freebase query object
GDataFreebaseSearchResult — GData Freebase search result object
V. Appendices
Annotation Glossary
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