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Index of new symbols in 3.0


gdk_cairo_set_source_rgba, function in Cairo Interaction


GdkDevice:associated-device, object property in GdkDevice
GdkDevice:device-manager, object property in GdkDevice
GdkDevice:display, object property in GdkDevice
GdkDevice:has-cursor, object property in GdkDevice
GdkDevice:input-mode, object property in GdkDevice
GdkDevice:input-source, object property in GdkDevice
GdkDevice:n-axes, object property in GdkDevice
GdkDevice:name, object property in GdkDevice
GdkDevice:type, object property in GdkDevice
gdk_device_get_associated_device, function in GdkDevice
gdk_device_get_axis_value, function in GdkDevice
gdk_device_get_device_type, function in GdkDevice
gdk_device_get_display, function in GdkDevice
gdk_device_get_n_axes, function in GdkDevice
gdk_device_get_position, function in GdkDevice
gdk_device_get_window_at_position, function in GdkDevice
gdk_device_get_window_at_position_double, function in GdkDevice
gdk_device_grab, function in GdkDevice
gdk_device_list_axes, function in GdkDevice
gdk_device_manager_get_client_pointer, function in GdkDeviceManager
gdk_device_manager_get_display, function in GdkDeviceManager
gdk_device_manager_list_devices, function in GdkDeviceManager
gdk_device_ungrab, function in GdkDevice
gdk_device_warp, function in GdkDevice
gdk_disable_multidevice, function in GdkDeviceManager
gdk_display_get_app_launch_context, function in GdkDisplay
gdk_display_get_device_manager, function in GdkDisplay
gdk_display_has_pending, function in GdkDisplay
gdk_display_manager_open_display, function in GdkDisplayManager
gdk_display_notify_startup_complete, function in GdkDisplay
gdk_drag_context_get_dest_window, function in Drag and Drop
gdk_drag_context_get_protocol, function in Drag and Drop


gdk_error_trap_pop_ignored, function in General
gdk_events_get_angle, function in Events
gdk_events_get_center, function in Events
gdk_events_get_distance, function in Events
gdk_event_get_device, function in Events
gdk_event_get_source_device, function in Events
gdk_event_set_device, function in Events
gdk_event_set_source_device, function in Events


gdk_keymap_get_num_lock_state, function in Keyboard Handling


gdk_rgba_copy, function in RGBA Colors
gdk_rgba_equal, function in RGBA Colors
gdk_rgba_free, function in RGBA Colors
gdk_rgba_hash, function in RGBA Colors
gdk_rgba_parse, function in RGBA Colors
gdk_rgba_to_string, function in RGBA Colors


GdkWindow::create-surface, object signal in Windows
gdk_window_get_device_cursor, function in Windows
gdk_window_get_device_events, function in Windows
gdk_window_get_device_position, function in Windows
gdk_window_get_drag_protocol, function in Drag and Drop
gdk_window_get_support_multidevice, function in Windows
gdk_window_set_device_cursor, function in Windows
gdk_window_set_device_events, function in Windows
gdk_window_set_source_events, function in Windows
gdk_window_set_support_multidevice, function in Windows


gdk_x11_display_error_trap_pop, function in X Window System Interaction
gdk_x11_display_error_trap_pop_ignored, function in X Window System Interaction
gdk_x11_display_error_trap_push, function in X Window System Interaction
gdk_x11_display_set_startup_notification_id, function in X Window System Interaction
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