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OpenGL Integration Library

GstGLAPI — OpenGL API specific functionality
GstGLBaseFilterGstBaseTransform subclass for transforming OpenGL resources
GstGLBaseMemory — memory subclass for GL buffers
GstGLBuffer — memory subclass for GL buffers
GstGLBufferPool — buffer pool for GstGLBaseMemory objects
GstGLColorConvert — convert between video color spaces and formats
GstGLContext — OpenGL context abstraction
GstGLDisplay — window system display connection abstraction
GstEGLImage — EGLImage abstraction
GstGLFilter — GstBaseTransform subclass for dealing with RGBA textures
GstGLFramebuffer — OpenGL framebuffer abstraction
GstGLMemory — memory subclass for GL textures
GstGLMemoryEGL — memory subclass for EGLImage's
GstGLMemoryPBO — memory subclass for GL textures
GstGLOverlayCompositor — Composite multiple overlays using OpenGL
GstGLQuery — OpenGL query abstraction
GstGLRenderBuffer — memory subclass for GL renderbuffer objects
GstGLShader — object representing an OpenGL shader program
GstGLSL — helpers for dealing with OpenGL shaders
GstGLSLStage — object for dealing with OpenGL shader stages
GstGLSyncMeta — synchronization primitives
GstGLUpload — an object that uploads to GL textures
GstGLViewConvert — convert between steroscopic/multiview video formats
GstGLWindow — window/surface abstraction
OpenGL debugging — helper routines for dealing with OpenGL debugging
GstGLFormat — utilities for dealing with OpenGL formats
GstGLUtils — some miscellaneous utilities for OpenGL

This library should be linked to by getting cflags and libs from gstreamer-gl-1.0.pc

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