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gst-plugins-base Plugins

adder — Adds multiple streams
alsa — ALSA plugin library
app — Elements used to communicate with applications
audioconvert — Convert audio to different formats
audiomixer — Mixes multiple audio streams
audiorate — Adjusts audio frames
audioresample — Resamples audio
audiotestsrc — Creates audio test signals of given frequency and volume
cdparanoia — Read audio from CD in paranoid mode
encoding — various encoding-related elements
gio — GIO elements
ivorbisdec — Vorbis Tremor decoder
libvisual — libvisual visualization plugins
ogg — ogg stream manipulation (info about ogg:
opus — OPUS plugin library
opengl — OpenGL plugin
pango — Pango-based text rendering and overlay
playback — various playback elements
rawparse — Parses byte streams into raw frames
subparse — Subtitle parsing
tcp — transfer data over the network via TCP
theora — Theora plugin library
typefindfunctions — default typefind functions
videoconvert — Colorspace conversion
videorate — Adjusts video frames
videoscale — Resizes video
videotestsrc — Creates a test video stream
volume — plugin for controlling audio volume
vorbis — Vorbis plugin library
ximagesink — X11 video output element based on standard Xlib calls
xvimagesink — XFree86 video output plugin using Xv extension
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