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Mailing lists and bug reports

Mailing lists and bug reports — Getting help with GTK+

Filing a bug report or feature request

If you encounter a bug, misfeature, or missing feature in GTK+, please file a bug report on We'd also appreciate reports of incomplete or misleading information in the GTK+ documentation; file those against the "docs" component of the "gtk+" product in Bugzilla.

Don't hesitate to file a bug report, even if you think we may know about it already, or aren't sure of the details. Just give us as much information as you have, and if it's already fixed or has already been discussed, we'll add a note to that effect in the report.

The bug tracker should definitely be used for feature requests, it's not only for bugs. We track all GTK+ development in Bugzilla, so it's the way to be sure the GTK+ developers won't forget about an issue.

Submitting Patches

If you develop a bugfix or enhancement for GTK+, please file that in Bugzilla as well. Bugzilla allows you to attach files; please attach a patch generated by the diff utility, using the -u option to make the patch more readable. All patches must be offered under the terms of the GNU LGPL license, so be sure you are authorized to give us the patch under those terms.

If you want to discuss your patch before or after developing it, mail But be sure to file the Bugzilla report as well; if the patch is only on the list and not in Bugzilla, it's likely to slip through the cracks.

Mailing lists

There are several mailing lists dedicated to GTK+ and related libraries. Discussion of GLib, Pango, and ATK in addition to GTK+ proper is welcome on these lists. You can subscribe or view the archives of these lists on If you aren't subscribed to the list, any message you post to the list will be held for manual moderation, which might take some days to happen.

gtk-list covers general GTK+ topics; questions about using GTK+ in programs, GTK+ from a user standpoint, announcements of GTK+-related projects such as themes or GTK+ modules would all be on-topic. The bulk of the traffic consists of GTK+ programming questions.

gtk-app-devel-list covers writing applications in GTK+. It's narrower in scope than gtk-list, but the two lists overlap quite a bit. gtk-app-devel-list is a good place to ask questions about GTK+ programming.

gtk-devel-list is for discussion of work on GTK+ itself, it is not for asking questions about how to use GTK+ in applications. gtk-devel-list is appropriate for discussion of patches, bugs, proposed features, and so on.

gtk-i18n-list is for discussion of internationalization in GTK+; Pango is the main focus of the list. Questions about the details of using Pango, and discussion of proposed Pango patches or features, are all on topic.

gtk-doc-list is for discussion of the gtk-doc documentation system (used to document GTK+), and for work on the GTK+ documentation.

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