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Migrating from GtkTooltips to GtkTooltip

GTK+ 2.12 brings a completely new tooltip implementation which allows many things that were not possible with the old GtkTooltips interface. The new possibilities are explained in more detail in the section about GtkTooltip.

A number of complications of the old API have been removed:

Here is an example of setting a tooltip on a widget with the old API:

GtkTooltips *tooltips = gtk_tooltips_new ();     
gtk_tooltips_set_tip (tooltips, widget, "Some tips", NULL);

Using the new tooltips API, it is no longer necessary to create an object:

gtk_widget_set_tooltip_text (widget, "Some tips");

Similarly, setting a tooltip on a GtkToolItem gets simplified from

gtk_tool_item_set_tooltip (toolitem, toolbar->tooltips, "tool tip", NULL);


gtk_tool_item_set_tooltip_text (toolitem, text);

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