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Part II. GTK+ Core Reference

Table of Contents

Main loop and Events — Library initialization, main event loop, and events
Accelerator Groups — Groups of global keyboard accelerators for an entire GtkWindow
Accelerator Maps — Loadable keyboard accelerator specifications
Clipboards — Storing data on clipboards
Drag and Drop — Functions for controlling drag and drop handling
GtkIconTheme — Looking up icons by name
Stock Items
Themeable Stock Images — Manipulating stock icons
Resource Files — Routines for handling resource files
Settings — Sharing settings between applications
Bindings — Key bindings for individual widgets
Standard Enumerations — Public enumerated types used throughout GTK+
Graphics Contexts — A shared pool of GdkGC objects
Styles — Functions for drawing widget parts
Selections — Functions for handling inter-process communication via selections
Version Information — Variables and functions to check the GTK+ version
Signals — Object methods and callbacks
Types — Handle run-time type creation
Filesystem utilities
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