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for GtkSourceView 3.12.2

API reference
GtkSourceBuffer — Buffer object for GtkSourceView
GtkSourceCompletion — Main Completion Object
GtkSourceCompletionContext — The context of a completion
GtkSourceCompletionInfo — Calltips object
GtkSourceCompletionItem — Simple implementation of GtkSourceCompletionProposal
GtkSourceCompletionProposal — Completion proposal interface
GtkSourceCompletionProvider — Completion provider interface
GtkSourceCompletionWords — A GtkSourceCompletionProvider for the completion of words
GtkSourceGutter — Gutter object for GtkSourceView
GtkSourceGutterRenderer — Gutter cell renderer
GtkSourceGutterRendererPixbuf — Renders a pixbuf in the gutter
GtkSourceGutterRendererText — Renders text in the gutter
GtkSourceLanguage — Object representing a syntax highlighted language
GtkSourceLanguageManager — Object which provides access to GtkSourceLanguages
GtkSourceMark — Mark object for GtkSourceBuffer
GtkSourceMarkAttributes — The source mark attributes object
GtkSourcePrintCompositor — Compose a GtkSourceBuffer for printing
GtkSourceSearchContext — Search context
GtkSourceSearchSettings — Search settings
GtkSourceStyle — Object representyng a style
GtkSourceStyleScheme — Object controlling the appearance of GtkSourceView
GtkSourceStyleSchemeManager — Object which provides access to GtkSourceStyleSchemes
GtkSourceUndoManager — Undo manager interface for GtkSourceView
GtkSourceUtils — Utilities functions
GtkSourceView — The view object
Syntax highlighting reference
Language Definition v2.0 Tutorial — Guide to the GtkSourceView language definition file format
Language Definition v2.0 Reference — Reference to the GtkSourceView language definition file format
Style Scheme Definition Reference — Reference to the GtkSourceView style scheme definition file format
Object Hierarchy
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