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PangoAlignment, enum in Layout Objects
PangoAnalysis, struct in Text Processing
PANGO_ASCENT, macro in Glyph Storage
PangoAttrClass, struct in Text Attributes
PangoAttrColor, struct in Text Attributes
PangoAttrDataCopyFunc, user_function in Text Attributes
PangoAttrFilterFunc, user_function in Text Attributes
PangoAttrFloat, struct in Text Attributes
PangoAttrFontDesc, struct in Text Attributes
PangoAttrFontFeatures, struct in Text Attributes
PangoAttribute, struct in Text Attributes
pango_attribute_copy, function in Text Attributes
pango_attribute_destroy, function in Text Attributes
pango_attribute_equal, function in Text Attributes
pango_attribute_init, function in Text Attributes
PangoAttrInt, struct in Text Attributes
PangoAttrIterator, struct in Text Attributes
PangoAttrLanguage, struct in Text Attributes
PangoAttrList, struct in Text Attributes
PangoAttrShape, struct in Text Attributes
PangoAttrSize, struct in Text Attributes
PangoAttrString, struct in Text Attributes
PangoAttrType, enum in Text Attributes
pango_attr_background_alpha_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_background_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_fallback_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_family_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_font_desc_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_font_features_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_foreground_alpha_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_foreground_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_gravity_hint_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_gravity_new, function in Text Attributes
PANGO_ATTR_INDEX_TO_TEXT_END, macro in Text Attributes
pango_attr_iterator_copy, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_iterator_destroy, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_iterator_get, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_iterator_get_attrs, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_iterator_get_font, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_iterator_next, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_iterator_range, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_language_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_letter_spacing_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_list_change, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_list_copy, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_list_filter, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_list_get_iterator, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_list_insert, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_list_insert_before, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_list_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_list_ref, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_list_splice, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_list_unref, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_rise_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_scale_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_shape_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_shape_new_with_data, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_size_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_size_new_absolute, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_stretch_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_strikethrough_color_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_strikethrough_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_style_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_type_get_name, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_type_register, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_underline_color_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_underline_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_variant_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_weight_new, function in Text Attributes


PangoBidiType, enum in Bidirectional Text
pango_bidi_type_for_unichar, function in Bidirectional Text
pango_break, function in Text Processing


PangoCairoFont, struct in Cairo Rendering
PangoCairoFontMap, struct in Cairo Rendering
PangoCairoShapeRendererFunc, user_function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_context_get_font_options, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_context_get_resolution, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_context_get_shape_renderer, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_context_set_font_options, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_context_set_resolution, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_context_set_shape_renderer, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_create_context, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_create_layout, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_error_underline_path, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_font_get_scaled_font, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_font_map_create_context, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_font_map_get_default, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_font_map_get_font_type, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_font_map_get_resolution, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_font_map_new, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_font_map_new_for_font_type, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_font_map_set_default, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_font_map_set_resolution, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_glyph_string_path, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_layout_line_path, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_layout_path, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_show_error_underline, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_show_glyph_item, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_show_glyph_string, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_show_layout, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_show_layout_line, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_update_context, function in Cairo Rendering
pango_cairo_update_layout, function in Cairo Rendering
PangoColor, struct in Text Attributes
pango_color_copy, function in Text Attributes
pango_color_free, function in Text Attributes
pango_color_parse, function in Text Attributes
pango_color_to_string, function in Text Attributes
pango_config_key_get, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
pango_config_key_get_system, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
PangoContext, struct in Text Processing
pango_context_changed, function in Text Processing
pango_context_get_base_dir, function in Text Processing
pango_context_get_base_gravity, function in Text Processing
pango_context_get_font_description, function in Text Processing
pango_context_get_font_map, function in Text Processing
pango_context_get_gravity, function in Text Processing
pango_context_get_gravity_hint, function in Text Processing
pango_context_get_language, function in Text Processing
pango_context_get_matrix, function in Text Processing
pango_context_get_metrics, function in Text Processing
pango_context_get_serial, function in Text Processing
pango_context_list_families, function in Text Processing
pango_context_load_font, function in Text Processing
pango_context_load_fontset, function in Text Processing
pango_context_new, function in Text Processing
pango_context_set_base_dir, function in Text Processing
pango_context_set_base_gravity, function in Text Processing
pango_context_set_font_description, function in Text Processing
pango_context_set_font_map, function in Text Processing
pango_context_set_gravity_hint, function in Text Processing
pango_context_set_language, function in Text Processing
pango_context_set_matrix, function in Text Processing
pango_core_text_font_get_ctfont, function in CoreText Fonts
PangoCoverage, struct in Coverage Maps
PangoCoverageLevel, enum in Coverage Maps
pango_coverage_copy, function in Coverage Maps
pango_coverage_from_bytes, function in Coverage Maps
pango_coverage_get, function in Coverage Maps
pango_coverage_max, function in Coverage Maps
pango_coverage_new, function in Coverage Maps
pango_coverage_ref, function in Coverage Maps
pango_coverage_set, function in Coverage Maps
pango_coverage_to_bytes, function in Coverage Maps
pango_coverage_unref, function in Coverage Maps


pango_default_break, function in Text Processing
PANGO_DESCENT, macro in Glyph Storage
PangoDirection, enum in Bidirectional Text


PangoEllipsizeMode, enum in Layout Objects
PangoEngine, struct in Engines
PangoEngineClass, struct in Engines
PangoEngineInfo, struct in Engines
PangoEngineLang, struct in PangoEngineLang
PangoEngineLangClass, struct in PangoEngineLang
PangoEngineScriptInfo, struct in Engines
PangoEngineShape, struct in PangoEngineShape
PangoEngineShapeClass, struct in PangoEngineShape
PANGO_ENGINE_TYPE_LANG, macro in PangoEngineLang
PANGO_ENGINE_TYPE_SHAPE, macro in PangoEngineShape
pango_extents_to_pixels, function in Glyph Storage


PangoFcDecoder, struct in PangoFcDecoder
PangoFcDecoderClass, struct in PangoFcDecoder
PangoFcDecoderFindFunc, user_function in PangoFcFontMap
PangoFcFont, struct in PangoFcFont
PangoFcFont:fontmap, object property in PangoFcFont
PangoFcFont:pattern, object property in PangoFcFont
PangoFcFontClass, struct in PangoFcFont
PangoFcFontKey, struct in PangoFcFontMap
PangoFcFontMap, struct in PangoFcFontMap
PangoFcFontMapClass, struct in PangoFcFontMap
PangoFcFontsetKey, struct in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_decoder_get_charset, function in PangoFcDecoder
pango_fc_decoder_get_glyph, function in PangoFcDecoder
pango_fc_fontset_key_get_absolute_size, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_fontset_key_get_context_key, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_fontset_key_get_description, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_fontset_key_get_language, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_fontset_key_get_matrix, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_fontset_key_get_resolution, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_font_description_from_pattern, function in PangoFcFontMap
PANGO_FC_FONT_FEATURES, macro in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_font_get_glyph, function in PangoFcFont
pango_fc_font_get_unknown_glyph, function in PangoFcFont
pango_fc_font_has_char, function in PangoFcFont
pango_fc_font_kern_glyphs, function in PangoFcFont
pango_fc_font_key_get_context_key, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_font_key_get_matrix, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_font_key_get_pattern, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_font_lock_face, function in PangoFcFont
pango_fc_font_map_add_decoder_find_func, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_font_map_cache_clear, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_font_map_config_changed, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_font_map_create_context, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_font_map_find_decoder, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_font_map_get_config, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_font_map_set_config, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_font_map_shutdown, function in PangoFcFontMap
pango_fc_font_unlock_face, function in PangoFcFont
PANGO_FC_GRAVITY, macro in PangoFcFontMap
PANGO_FC_PRGNAME, macro in PangoFcFontMap
PANGO_FC_VERSION, macro in PangoFcFontMap
pango_find_base_dir, function in Bidirectional Text
pango_find_map, function in Modules
pango_find_paragraph_boundary, function in Text Processing
PANGO_FONT, macro in Fonts
PangoFont, struct in Fonts
PangoFontDescription, struct in Fonts
PangoFontFace, struct in Fonts
PangoFontFamily, struct in Fonts
PangoFontMap, struct in Fonts
PangoFontMapClass, struct in Fonts
PangoFontMask, enum in Fonts
PangoFontMetrics, struct in Fonts
PangoFontset, struct in Fonts
PangoFontsetClass, struct in Fonts
PangoFontsetForeachFunc, user_function in Fonts
PangoFontsetSimple, struct in Fonts
pango_fontset_foreach, function in Fonts
pango_fontset_get_font, function in Fonts
pango_fontset_get_metrics, function in Fonts
pango_fontset_simple_append, function in Fonts
pango_fontset_simple_new, function in Fonts
pango_fontset_simple_size, function in Fonts
pango_font_describe, function in Fonts
pango_font_describe_with_absolute_size, function in Fonts
pango_font_descriptions_free, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_better_match, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_copy, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_copy_static, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_equal, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_free, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_from_string, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_get_family, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_get_gravity, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_get_set_fields, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_get_size, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_get_size_is_absolute, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_get_stretch, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_get_style, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_get_variant, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_get_variations, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_get_weight, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_hash, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_merge, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_merge_static, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_new, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_set_absolute_size, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_set_family, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_set_family_static, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_set_gravity, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_set_size, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_set_stretch, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_set_style, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_set_variant, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_set_variations, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_set_variations_static, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_set_weight, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_to_filename, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_to_string, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_unset_fields, function in Fonts
PANGO_FONT_FACE, macro in Fonts
pango_font_face_describe, function in Fonts
pango_font_face_get_face_name, function in Fonts
pango_font_face_is_synthesized, function in Fonts
pango_font_face_list_sizes, function in Fonts
PANGO_FONT_FAMILY, macro in Fonts
pango_font_family_get_name, function in Fonts
pango_font_family_is_monospace, function in Fonts
pango_font_family_list_faces, function in Fonts
pango_font_find_shaper, function in Fonts
pango_font_get_coverage, function in Fonts
pango_font_get_font_map, function in Fonts
pango_font_get_glyph_extents, function in Fonts
pango_font_get_metrics, function in Fonts
PANGO_FONT_MAP, macro in Fonts
pango_font_map_changed, function in Fonts
PANGO_FONT_MAP_CLASS, macro in Fonts
pango_font_map_create_context, function in Fonts
pango_font_map_get_serial, function in Fonts
pango_font_map_get_shape_engine_type, function in Fonts
pango_font_map_list_families, function in Fonts
pango_font_map_load_font, function in Fonts
pango_font_map_load_fontset, function in Fonts
pango_font_metrics_get_approximate_char_width, function in Fonts
pango_font_metrics_get_approximate_digit_width, function in Fonts
pango_font_metrics_get_ascent, function in Fonts
pango_font_metrics_get_descent, function in Fonts
pango_font_metrics_get_strikethrough_position, function in Fonts
pango_font_metrics_get_strikethrough_thickness, function in Fonts
pango_font_metrics_get_underline_position, function in Fonts
pango_font_metrics_get_underline_thickness, function in Fonts
pango_font_metrics_ref, function in Fonts
pango_font_metrics_unref, function in Fonts
PangoFT2FontMap, struct in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
PangoFT2SubstituteFunc, user_function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_font_get_coverage, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_font_get_face, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_font_get_kerning, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_font_map_create_context, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_font_map_for_display, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_font_map_new, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_font_map_set_default_substitute, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_font_map_set_resolution, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_font_map_substitute_changed, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_get_context, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_get_unknown_glyph, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_render, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_render_layout, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_render_layout_line, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_render_layout_line_subpixel, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_render_layout_subpixel, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_render_transformed, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
pango_ft2_shutdown_display, function in FreeType Fonts and Rendering


pango_get_lib_subdirectory, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
pango_get_log_attrs, function in Text Processing
pango_get_mirror_char, function in Bidirectional Text
pango_get_sysconf_subdirectory, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
PANGO_GET_UNKNOWN_GLYPH, macro in Glyph Storage
PangoGlyph, typedef in Glyph Storage
PangoGlyphGeometry, struct in Glyph Storage
PangoGlyphInfo, struct in Glyph Storage
PangoGlyphItem, struct in Glyph Storage
PangoGlyphItemIter, struct in Glyph Storage
PangoGlyphString, struct in Glyph Storage
PangoGlyphUnit, typedef in Glyph Storage
PangoGlyphVisAttr, struct in Glyph Storage
PANGO_GLYPH_EMPTY, macro in Glyph Storage
PANGO_GLYPH_INVALID_INPUT, macro in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_item_apply_attrs, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_item_copy, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_item_free, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_item_get_logical_widths, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_item_iter_copy, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_item_iter_free, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_item_iter_init_end, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_item_iter_init_start, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_item_iter_next_cluster, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_item_iter_prev_cluster, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_item_letter_space, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_item_split, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_string_copy, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_string_extents, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_string_extents_range, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_string_free, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_string_get_logical_widths, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_string_get_width, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_string_index_to_x, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_string_new, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_string_set_size, function in Glyph Storage
pango_glyph_string_x_to_index, function in Glyph Storage
PANGO_GLYPH_UNKNOWN_FLAG, macro in Glyph Storage
PangoGravity, enum in Vertical Text
PangoGravityHint, enum in Vertical Text
pango_gravity_get_for_matrix, function in Vertical Text
pango_gravity_get_for_script, function in Vertical Text
pango_gravity_get_for_script_and_width, function in Vertical Text
PANGO_GRAVITY_IS_IMPROPER, macro in Vertical Text
PANGO_GRAVITY_IS_VERTICAL, macro in Vertical Text
pango_gravity_to_rotation, function in Vertical Text


PangoIncludedModule, struct in Modules
PANGO_IS_FONT, macro in Fonts
PANGO_IS_FONT_FACE, macro in Fonts
PANGO_IS_FONT_FAMILY, macro in Fonts
PANGO_IS_FONT_MAP, macro in Fonts
pango_is_zero_width, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
PangoItem, struct in Text Processing
pango_itemize, function in Text Processing
pango_itemize_with_base_dir, function in Text Processing
pango_item_copy, function in Text Processing
pango_item_free, function in Text Processing
pango_item_new, function in Text Processing
pango_item_split, function in Text Processing


PangoLanguage, struct in Scripts and Languages
pango_language_from_string, function in Scripts and Languages
pango_language_get_default, function in Scripts and Languages
pango_language_get_sample_string, function in Scripts and Languages
pango_language_get_scripts, function in Scripts and Languages
pango_language_includes_script, function in Scripts and Languages
pango_language_matches, function in Scripts and Languages
pango_language_to_string, function in Scripts and Languages
PangoLayout, struct in Layout Objects
PangoLayoutIter, struct in Layout Objects
PangoLayoutLine, struct in Layout Objects
PangoLayoutRun, typedef in Layout Objects
pango_layout_context_changed, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_copy, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_alignment, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_attributes, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_auto_dir, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_baseline, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_character_count, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_context, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_cursor_pos, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_ellipsize, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_extents, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_font_description, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_height, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_indent, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_iter, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_justify, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_line, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_lines, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_lines_readonly, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_line_count, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_line_readonly, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_log_attrs, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_log_attrs_readonly, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_pixel_extents, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_pixel_size, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_serial, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_single_paragraph_mode, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_size, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_spacing, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_tabs, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_text, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_unknown_glyphs_count, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_width, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_get_wrap, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_index_to_line_x, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_index_to_pos, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_is_ellipsized, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_is_wrapped, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_at_last_line, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_copy, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_free, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_get_baseline, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_get_char_extents, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_get_cluster_extents, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_get_index, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_get_layout, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_get_layout_extents, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_get_line, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_get_line_extents, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_get_line_readonly, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_get_line_yrange, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_get_run, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_get_run_extents, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_get_run_readonly, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_next_char, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_next_cluster, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_next_line, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_iter_next_run, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_line_get_extents, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_line_get_pixel_extents, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_line_get_x_ranges, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_line_index_to_x, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_line_ref, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_line_unref, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_line_x_to_index, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_move_cursor_visually, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_new, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_alignment, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_attributes, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_auto_dir, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_ellipsize, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_font_description, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_height, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_indent, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_justify, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_markup, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_markup_with_accel, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_single_paragraph_mode, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_spacing, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_tabs, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_text, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_width, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_set_wrap, function in Layout Objects
pango_layout_xy_to_index, function in Layout Objects
PANGO_LBEARING, macro in Glyph Storage
pango_log2vis_get_embedding_levels, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
PangoLogAttr, struct in Text Processing
pango_lookup_aliases, function in Miscellaneous Utilities


PangoMap, struct in Modules
PangoMapEntry, struct in Modules
pango_map_get_engine, function in Modules
pango_map_get_engines, function in Modules
pango_markup_parser_finish, function in Text Attributes
pango_markup_parser_new, function in Text Attributes
PangoMatrix, struct in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_concat, function in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_copy, function in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_free, function in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_get_font_scale_factor, function in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_get_font_scale_factors, function in Glyph Storage
PANGO_MATRIX_INIT, macro in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_rotate, function in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_scale, function in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_transform_distance, function in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_transform_pixel_rectangle, function in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_transform_point, function in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_transform_rectangle, function in Glyph Storage
pango_matrix_translate, function in Glyph Storage
pango_module_register, function in Modules


PangoOTBuffer, struct in OpenType Font Handling
PangoOTFeatureMap, struct in OpenType Font Handling
PangoOTGlyph, struct in OpenType Font Handling
PangoOTInfo, struct in OpenType Font Handling
PangoOTRuleset, struct in OpenType Font Handling
PangoOTRulesetDescription, struct in OpenType Font Handling
PangoOTTableType, enum in OpenType Font Handling
PangoOTTag, typedef in OpenType Font Handling
PANGO_OT_ALL_GLYPHS, macro in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_buffer_add_glyph, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_buffer_clear, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_buffer_destroy, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_buffer_get_glyphs, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_buffer_new, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_buffer_output, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_buffer_set_rtl, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_buffer_set_zero_width_marks, function in OpenType Font Handling
PANGO_OT_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE, macro in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_info_find_feature, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_info_find_language, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_info_find_script, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_info_get, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_info_list_features, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_info_list_languages, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_info_list_scripts, function in OpenType Font Handling
PANGO_OT_NO_FEATURE, macro in OpenType Font Handling
PANGO_OT_NO_SCRIPT, macro in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_ruleset_add_feature, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_ruleset_description_copy, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_ruleset_description_equal, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_ruleset_description_free, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_ruleset_description_hash, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_ruleset_get_feature_count, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_ruleset_get_for_description, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_ruleset_maybe_add_feature, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_ruleset_maybe_add_features, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_ruleset_new, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_ruleset_new_for, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_ruleset_new_from_description, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_ruleset_position, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_ruleset_substitute, function in OpenType Font Handling
PANGO_OT_TAG_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE, macro in OpenType Font Handling
PANGO_OT_TAG_DEFAULT_SCRIPT, macro in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_tag_from_language, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_tag_from_script, function in OpenType Font Handling
PANGO_OT_TAG_MAKE, macro in OpenType Font Handling
PANGO_OT_TAG_MAKE_FROM_STRING, macro in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_tag_to_language, function in OpenType Font Handling
pango_ot_tag_to_script, function in OpenType Font Handling


pango_parse_enum, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
pango_parse_markup, function in Text Attributes
pango_parse_stretch, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
pango_parse_style, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
pango_parse_variant, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
pango_parse_weight, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
PANGO_PIXELS, macro in Glyph Storage
PANGO_PIXELS_CEIL, macro in Glyph Storage
PANGO_PIXELS_FLOOR, macro in Glyph Storage


pango_quantize_line_geometry, function in Miscellaneous Utilities


PANGO_RBEARING, macro in Glyph Storage
pango_read_line, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
PangoRectangle, struct in Glyph Storage
PangoRenderer, struct in PangoRenderer
PangoRendererClass, struct in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_activate, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_deactivate, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_error_underline, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_glyph, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_glyphs, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_glyph_item, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_layout, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_layout_line, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_rectangle, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_trapezoid, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_get_alpha, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_get_color, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_get_layout, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_get_layout_line, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_get_matrix, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_part_changed, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_set_alpha, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_set_color, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_set_matrix, function in PangoRenderer
PangoRenderPart, enum in PangoRenderer
PANGO_RENDER_TYPE_CORE_TEXT, macro in CoreText Fonts
PANGO_RENDER_TYPE_FC, macro in PangoFcFont
PANGO_RENDER_TYPE_FT2, macro in FreeType Fonts and Rendering
PANGO_RENDER_TYPE_NONE, macro in Engines
PANGO_RENDER_TYPE_WIN32, macro in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
PANGO_RENDER_TYPE_XFT, macro in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_reorder_items, function in Text Processing


PANGO_SCALE, macro in Glyph Storage
PANGO_SCALE_LARGE, macro in Text Attributes
PANGO_SCALE_MEDIUM, macro in Text Attributes
PANGO_SCALE_SMALL, macro in Text Attributes
PANGO_SCALE_XX_LARGE, macro in Text Attributes
PANGO_SCALE_XX_SMALL, macro in Text Attributes
PANGO_SCALE_X_LARGE, macro in Text Attributes
PANGO_SCALE_X_SMALL, macro in Text Attributes
pango_scan_int, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
pango_scan_string, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
pango_scan_word, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
PangoScript, enum in Scripts and Languages
PangoScriptIter, struct in Scripts and Languages
script_engine_create, function in Engines
script_engine_exit, function in Engines
script_engine_init, function in Engines
script_engine_list, function in Engines
pango_script_for_unichar, function in Scripts and Languages
pango_script_get_sample_language, function in Scripts and Languages
pango_script_iter_free, function in Scripts and Languages
pango_script_iter_get_range, function in Scripts and Languages
pango_script_iter_new, function in Scripts and Languages
pango_script_iter_next, function in Scripts and Languages
pango_shape, function in Text Processing
pango_shape_full, function in Text Processing
pango_skip_space, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
pango_split_file_list, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
PangoStretch, enum in Fonts
PangoStyle, enum in Fonts


PangoTabAlign, enum in Tab Stops
PangoTabArray, struct in Tab Stops
pango_tab_array_copy, function in Tab Stops
pango_tab_array_free, function in Tab Stops
pango_tab_array_get_positions_in_pixels, function in Tab Stops
pango_tab_array_get_size, function in Tab Stops
pango_tab_array_get_tab, function in Tab Stops
pango_tab_array_get_tabs, function in Tab Stops
pango_tab_array_new, function in Tab Stops
pango_tab_array_new_with_positions, function in Tab Stops
pango_tab_array_resize, function in Tab Stops
pango_tab_array_set_tab, function in Tab Stops
pango_trim_string, function in Miscellaneous Utilities
PANGO_TYPE_ALIGNMENT, macro in Layout Objects
PANGO_TYPE_ATTR_LIST, macro in Text Attributes
PANGO_TYPE_ATTR_TYPE, macro in Text Attributes
PANGO_TYPE_COLOR, macro in Text Attributes
PANGO_TYPE_COVERAGE_LEVEL, macro in Coverage Maps
PANGO_TYPE_DIRECTION, macro in Text Processing
PANGO_TYPE_ELLIPSIZE_MODE, macro in Layout Objects
PANGO_TYPE_FONT, macro in Fonts
PANGO_TYPE_FONTSET, macro in Fonts
PANGO_TYPE_FONT_FACE, macro in Fonts
PANGO_TYPE_FONT_MAP, macro in Fonts
PANGO_TYPE_FONT_MASK, macro in Fonts
PANGO_TYPE_GLYPH_ITEM, macro in Glyph Storage
PANGO_TYPE_GLYPH_ITEM_ITER, macro in Glyph Storage
PANGO_TYPE_GLYPH_STRING, macro in Glyph Storage
PANGO_TYPE_LANGUAGE, macro in Scripts and Languages
PANGO_TYPE_MATRIX, macro in Glyph Storage
PANGO_TYPE_RENDER_PART, macro in PangoRenderer
PANGO_TYPE_SCRIPT, macro in Scripts and Languages
PANGO_TYPE_STRETCH, macro in Fonts
PANGO_TYPE_STYLE, macro in Fonts
PANGO_TYPE_TAB_ALIGN, macro in Tab Stops
PANGO_TYPE_TAB_ARRAY, macro in Tab Stops
PANGO_TYPE_UNDERLINE, macro in Text Attributes
PANGO_TYPE_VARIANT, macro in Fonts
PANGO_TYPE_WEIGHT, macro in Fonts
PANGO_TYPE_WRAP_MODE, macro in Layout Objects


PangoUnderline, enum in Text Attributes
pango_unichar_direction, function in Bidirectional Text
pango_units_from_double, function in Glyph Storage
PANGO_UNITS_ROUND, macro in Glyph Storage
pango_units_to_double, function in Glyph Storage


PangoVariant, enum in Fonts
PANGO_VERSION, macro in Version Checking
pango_version, function in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_10, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_12, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_14, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_16, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_18, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_2, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_20, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_22, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_24, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_26, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_28, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_30, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_32, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_34, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_36, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_38, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_4, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_40, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_42, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_6, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_1_8, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_CHECK, macro in Version Checking
pango_version_check, function in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_ENCODE, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_MAJOR, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_MICRO, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_MINOR, macro in Version Checking
PANGO_VERSION_STRING, macro in Version Checking
pango_version_string, function in Version Checking


PangoWeight, enum in Fonts
PangoWin32FontCache, struct in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_cache_free, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_cache_load, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_cache_loadw, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_cache_new, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_cache_unload, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_description_from_logfont, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_description_from_logfontw, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_done_font, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_get_glyph_index, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_get_metrics_factor, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_logfont, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_logfontw, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_map_for_display, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_map_get_font_cache, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_font_select_font, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_get_context, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_get_dc, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_get_debug_flag, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_get_unknown_glyph, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_render, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_render_layout, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_render_layout_line, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_render_transformed, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
pango_win32_shutdown_display, function in Win32 Fonts and Rendering
PangoWrapMode, enum in Layout Objects


PangoXftFont, struct in Xft Fonts and Rendering
PangoXftFontMap, struct in Xft Fonts and Rendering
PangoXftRenderer, struct in Xft Fonts and Rendering
PangoXftRenderer:display, object property in Xft Fonts and Rendering
PangoXftRenderer:screen, object property in Xft Fonts and Rendering
PangoXftRendererClass, struct in Xft Fonts and Rendering
PangoXftSubstituteFunc, user_function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_font_get_display, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_font_get_font, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_font_get_glyph, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_font_get_unknown_glyph, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_font_has_char, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_font_lock_face, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_font_unlock_face, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_get_context, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_get_font_map, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_picture_render, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_render, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_renderer_new, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_renderer_set_default_color, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_renderer_set_draw, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_render_layout, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_render_layout_line, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_render_transformed, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_set_default_substitute, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_shutdown_display, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_substitute_changed, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
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