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Class Overview

WebKitWebView — The central class of the WebKitGTK+ API
WebKitWebFrame — The content of a WebKitWebView
WebKitWebSettings — Control the behaviour of a WebKitWebView
WebKitWebBackForwardList — The history of a WebKitWebView
WebKitWebHistoryItem — One item of the WebKitWebBackForwardList and or global history
WebKitWebNavigationAction — Object used to report details of navigation actions
WebKitWebPolicyDecision — Liason between WebKit and the application regarding asynchronous policy decisions
WebKitGeolocationPolicyDecision — Liaison between WebKit and the application regarding asynchronous geolocation policy decisions
WebKitNetworkRequest — The target of a navigation request
WebKitNetworkResponse — the response given to a network request
WebKitWebInspector — Access to the WebKit Inspector
WebKitWebDatabase — A WebKit web application database
WebKitWebDataSource — Encapsulates the content to be displayed in a WebKitWebFrame.
WebKitWebResource — Represents a downloaded URI.
WebKitDownload — Object used to communicate with the application when downloading.
WebKitViewportAttributes — Represents the viewport properties of a web page
WebKitHitTestResult — The target of a mouse event
WebKitWebPlugin — Represents a plugin, enabling fine-grained control
WebKitWebPluginDatabase — Provides information about the plugins the engine knows about
WebKitSoupAuthDialog — A SoupSessionFeature to provide a simple authentication dialog for HTTP basic auth support.
WebKitSecurityOrigin — A security boundary for web sites
WebKitWebWindowFeatures — Window properties of a WebKitWebView
WebKitIconDatabase — A WebKit web application database
WebKitSpellChecker — the spell checking API for WebKit
WebKitFaviconDatabase — A WebKit favicon database
WebKitFileChooserRequest — A request to open a file chooser
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