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B.4 Notes on Planned Dictionaries

According to, Open Office dictionaries are available for the following languages, but no corresponding Aspell dictionary exists:

If you are interested in converting any of them please coordinate your efforts with the dictionary author and submit it to aspell-dict at gnu org when you have something ready.

An unofficial dictionary for Albanian (sq) is available at However, I can not find any contact information for the author, thus I have been unable to contact him. In addition an Albanian (sq) dictionary is available for Ispell at However, the raw word list is not provided and the author has not been responding to emails, possibly because he doesn’t speak English. If you have any additional information on either of these dictionaries, or can speak Albanian and can translate for me please let me know at

An unofficial dictionary for Malayalam (ml) is available at I am working with the author to create an official one.

Kevin Patrick Scannell has word lists available for the following languages based on his web crawling software ( but needs someone to proofread them:

If you are interested, please contact him at scannell at slu edu.

A dictionary marked as "Planned" or "Maybe" but not listed in the section means that someone has expressed an interest in creating one. If you are interested in helping please contact me at so that I can put you in touch with them.

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