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E.1 Generic Install Instructions

./configure && make

For additional configure options type ‘./configure --help’. You can control what C++ compiler is used by setting the environment variable CXX before running configure and you can control what flags are passed to the C++ compile via the environment variable CXXFLAGS. Static libraries are disabled by default since static libraries will not work right due to the mixing of C and C++. When a C program links with the static libraries in Aspell it is likely to crash because Aspell’s C++ objects are not getting initialized correctly. However, if for some reason you want them, you can enable them via ‘--enable-static’.

Aspell should then compile without any additional user intervention. If you run into problems please first check the sections below as that might solve your problem.

To install the program simply type

make install

After Aspell is installed at least one dictionary needs to be installed. You can find them at The aspell program must be in your path in order for the dictionaries to install correctly.

If you do not have Ispell or the traditional Unix spell utility installed on your system then you should also copy the compatibility scripts ispell and spell located in the ‘scripts/’ directory into your binary directory which is usually ‘/usr/local/bin’ so that programs that expect the ispell or spell command will work correctly.

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