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E.5 Upgrading from Aspell 0.50

The dictionary format has changed so dictionaries will need to be recompiled.

All data, by default, is now included in ‘libdir/aspell-0.60’ so that multiple versions of Aspell can more peacefully coexist. This included both the dictionaries and the language data files which were stored in ‘sharedir/aspell’ before Aspell 0.60.

The format of the character data files has changed. The new character data files are installed with Aspell so you should not have to worry about it unless you made a custom one.

The dictionary option ‘strip-accents’ has been removed. For this reason the old English dictionary (up to 0.51) will no longer work. A new English dictionary is now available which avoids using this option. In addition the ‘ignore-accents’ option is currently unimplemented.

The flag ‘-l’ is now a shortcut for ‘--lang’, instead of ‘--list’ as it was with Aspell 0.50.

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