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G. Authors

The following people or companies have contributed a non-trival amount of code to Aspell and thus own the Copyright to part of Aspell.

Jose Da Silva

Bug fixes and enhancements to word-list-compress.

Sergey Poznyakoff

Wrote the Nroff filter.

Tom Snyder

Enhanced the SGML filter to also support skipping sgml tags such as "script" blocks.

Kevin B. Hendricks (and Contributers)

Wrote MySpell which is a simple spell checker library that supports affix compression. Aspell affix compression code is based on his code.

Christoph Hintermüller

Added support for loadable filters.

Melvin Hadasht

Wrote a locale independent version of strtol and strtod. Wrote the original loadable filter support however his code has been completely rewritten by Christoph Hintermüller and Kevin Atkinson.

Björn Jacke

Wrote the generic soundslike algorithm which gets all of its data from a file, thus eliminating almost all need for language specific code from Aspell.

Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, Inc.
Hewlett-Packard Company

Parts of the SGI STL code were used in various places throughout the Aspell source.

In addition the authors of some of translated messages did not release their work into the Public Domain, and thus own the copyright to the translated text. See the files ‘*.po’ in the ‘po’ directory for more details.

The folowing people also contributed to the development of Aspell but do not own the Copyright to part of Aspell.

Sergey Poznyakoff

Added gettext support.

Chris Martin

Converted the manual to texinfo.

Lawrence Philips

Wrote the original metaphone algorithm; however, he released his work into the Public Domain.

Michael Kuhn

Converted the metaphone algorithm into C code and made some enhancements to the original algorithm. He also released his work into the Public Domain.

Geoff Kuenning (and contributers)

The authors of Ispell. Many of the ideas used in Aspell, especially with the affix code, were taken from Ispell. However none of the original Ispell code is used in Aspell.

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