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4.2.1 Dictionary Options

The following options may be used to control which dictionaries to use and how they behave (for more information see How Aspell Selects an Appropriate Dictionary):


(string) Base name of the dictionary to use. If this option is specified then Aspell will either use this dictionary or die.


(dir) Location of the main word list.


(string) Language to use. It follows the same format of the LANG environment variable on most systems. It consists of the two letter ISO 639 language code and an optional two letter ISO 3166 country code after a dash or underscore. The default value is based on the value of the LC_MESSAGES locale.


(string) The preferred size of the word list. This consists of a two char digit code describing the size of the list, with typical values of: 10=tiny, 20=really small, 30=small, 40=med-small, 50=med, 60=med-large, 70=large, 80=huge, 90=insane.


(list) Any extra information to distinguish two different words lists that have the same lang and size.


(list) Search path for word list information files.


(file) Personal word list file name.


(file) Replacements list file name.


(list) Extra dictionaries to use.


(list) create dictionary aliases. Each entry has the form ‘from to’. Will override any system dictionaries that are present.

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