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4.4.1 Notes on Various Filters and Filter Modes

Aspell now has filter support. You can either select from individual filters or choose a filter mode. To select a filter mode use the ‘mode’ option. You may choose from ‘none’, ‘url’, ‘email’, ‘sgml’, ‘ccpp’, ‘tex’ and any other available on your system. The default mode is ‘url’. Individual filters can be added with the option ‘add-filter’ and removed with the ‘rem-filter’ option. The currently available filters are ‘url’, ‘email’, ‘sgml’ and ‘tex’, ‘latex’ (alias for ‘tex’), ‘nroff’, ‘context’, as well as a bunch of filters which translate the text from one format to another.

To check which filters are available use aspell dump filters. To check which filter modes are available use aspell dump modes. The aspell help command will also list all available filter and filter modes.

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