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9. Limits

The following are the limits currently in place for this bc processor. Some of them may have been changed by an installation. Use the limits statement to see the actual values.


The maximum output base is currently set at 999. The maximum input base is 16.


This is currently an arbitrary limit of 65535 as distributed. Your installation may be different.


The number of digits after the decimal point is limited to INT_MAX digits. Also, the number of digits before the decimal point is limited to INT_MAX digits.


The limit on the number of characters in a string is INT_MAX characters.


The value of the exponent in the raise operation (^) is limited to LONG_MAX.


The multiply routine may yield incorrect results if a number has more than LONG_MAX / 90 total digits. For 32 bit longs, this number is 23,860,929 digits.

variable names

The current limit on the number of unique names is 32767 for each of simple variables, arrays and functions.

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