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GNU ddrescue Manual

This manual is for GNU ddrescue (version 1.27, 23 January 2023).

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* Introduction::          Purpose and features of GNU ddrescue
* Basic concepts::        Blocks, clusters, devices, files, sectors, etc
* Important advice::      Read this or risk losing your data
* Algorithm::             How ddrescue recovers the data
* Output::                Meaning of ddrescue's screen output
* Invoking ddrescue::     Command line interface
* Mapfile structure::     Detailed format of the mapfile
* Emergency save::        Saving the mapfile in case of trouble
* Optical media::         Copying CD-ROMs and DVDs
* Examples::              A small tutorial with examples
* Direct disc access::    Bypassing the kernel cache
* Command mode::          Copying parts of the input file on demand
* Fill mode::             Selectively overwriting the output file
* Generate mode::         Generating an approximate mapfile
* Ddrescuelog::           Tool for ddrescue mapfiles
* Invoking ddrescuelog::  Command line interface
* Problems::              Reporting bugs
* Concept index::         Index of concepts

   Copyright (C) 2004-2023 Antonio Diaz Diaz.

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