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26.18 Mouse Avoidance

Mouse Avoidance mode keeps the mouse pointer away from point, to avoid obscuring text you want to edit. Whenever it moves the mouse, it also raises the frame. To use Mouse Avoidance mode, customize the variable mouse-avoidance-mode. You can set this to various values to move the mouse in several ways:


Move the mouse to the upper-right corner on any key-press;


Move the mouse to the corner only if the cursor gets too close, and allow it to return once the cursor is out of the way;


If the cursor gets too close to the mouse, displace the mouse a random distance & direction;


As jump, but shows steps along the way for illusion of motion;


The same as animate;


As animate, but changes the shape of the mouse pointer too.

You can also use the command M-x mouse-avoidance-mode to enable the mode.

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