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11.9 Help Files

The Emacs help commands described above display dynamic help based on the current state within Emacs, or refer to manuals. Other help commands display pre-written, static help files. These commands all have the form C-h C-char; that is, C-h followed by a control character.

C-h C-c

Display the Emacs copying conditions (describe-copying). These are the rules under which you can copy and redistribute Emacs.

C-h C-d

Display how to download or order the latest version of Emacs and other GNU software (describe-distribution).

C-h C-e

Display the list of known Emacs problems, sometimes with suggested workarounds (view-emacs-problems).

C-h C-f

Display the Emacs frequently-answered-questions list (view-emacs-FAQ).

C-h C-n

Display the Emacs “news” file, which lists new features in the most recent version of Emacs (view-emacs-news).

C-h C-p

Display general information about the GNU Project (describe-project).

C-h C-t

Display the Emacs to-do list (view-todo).

C-h C-w

Display the full details on the complete absence of warranty for GNU Emacs (describe-no-warranty).

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