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57.2 Easy Customization Interface

Emacs has many settings which have values that you can specify in order to customize various commands. Many are documented in this manual. Most settings are user options—that is to say, Lisp variables (see section Variables)—so their names appear in the Variable Index (see section Variable Index). The other settings are faces and their attributes (see section Using Multiple Typefaces).

You can browse interactively through settings and change them using M-x customize. This command creates a customization buffer, which offers commands to navigate through a logically organized structure of the Emacs settings; you can also use it to edit and set their values, and to save settings permanently in your ‘~/.emacs’ file (see section The Init File, ‘~/.emacs).

The appearance of the example buffers in this section is typically different under a graphical display, since faces are then used to indicate buttons, links and editable fields.

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