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60. Reporting Bugs

Sometimes you will encounter a bug in Emacs. Although we cannot promise we can or will fix the bug, and we might not even agree that it is a bug, we want to hear about problems you encounter. Often we agree they are bugs and want to fix them.

To make it possible for us to fix a bug, you must report it. In order to do so effectively, you must know when and how to do it.

Before reporting a bug, it is a good idea to see if it is already known. You can find the list of known problems in the file ‘etc/PROBLEMS’ in the Emacs distribution; type C-h C-e to read it. Some additional user-level problems can be found in (efaq)Bugs and problems section `Bugs and problems' in GNU Emacs FAQ. Looking up your problem in these two documents might provide you with a solution or a work-around, or give you additional information about related issues.

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