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F.4 Volumes and Directories on Mac

This node applies to Mac OS Classic only.

The directory structure in Mac OS Classic is seen by Emacs as


So when Emacs requests a file name, doing file name completion on ‘/’ will display all volumes on the system. You can use ‘..’ to go up a directory level.

On Mac OS Classic, to access files and folders on the desktop, look in the folder ‘Desktop Folder’ in your boot volume (this folder is usually invisible in the Mac Finder).

On Mac OS Classic, Emacs creates the Mac folder ‘:Preferences:Emacs:’ in the ‘System Folder’ and uses it as the temporary directory. Emacs maps the directory name ‘/tmp/’ to that. Therefore it is best to avoid naming a volume ‘tmp’. If everything works correctly, the program should leave no files in it when it exits. You should be able to set the environment variable TMPDIR to use another directory but this folder will still be created.

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