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G.6 Mouse Usage on MS-Windows

This section describes the Windows-specific variables related to mouse.

The variable w32-mouse-button-tolerance specifies the time interval, in milliseconds, for faking middle mouse button press on 2-button mice. If both mouse buttons are depressed within this time interval, Emacs generates a middle mouse button click event instead of a double click on one of the buttons.

If the variable w32-pass-extra-mouse-buttons-to-system is non-nil, Emacs passes the fourth and fifth mouse buttons to Windows.

The variable w32-swap-mouse-buttons controls which of the 3 mouse buttons generates the mouse-2 events. When it is nil (the default), the middle button generates mouse-2 and the right button generates mouse-3 events. If this variable is non-nil, the roles of these two buttons are reversed.

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