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G.9 Miscellaneous Windows-specific features

This section describes miscellaneous Windows-specific features.

The variable w32-use-visible-system-caret is a flag that determines whether to make the system caret visible. The default is nil, which means Emacs draws its own cursor to indicate the position of point. A non-nil value means Emacs will indicate point location by the system caret; this facilitates use of screen reader software. When this variable is non-nil, other variables affecting the cursor display have no effect.

The variable w32-grab-focus-on-raise, if set to a non-nil value causes a frame to grab focus when it is raised. The default is t, which fits well with the Windows default click-to-focus policy.

The variable w32-list-proportional-fonts controls whether proportional fonts are included in the font selection dialog. If its value is non-nil, these fonts will be included. The default is nil.

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