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2.2 Quitting No value for GDBN

quit [expression]

To exit No value for GDBN, use the quit command (abbreviated q), or type an end-of-file character (usually Ctrl-d). If you do not supply expression, No value for GDBN will terminate normally; otherwise it will terminate using the result of expression as the error code.

An interrupt (often Ctrl-c) does not exit from No value for GDBN, but rather terminates the action of any No value for GDBN command that is in progress and returns to No value for GDBN command level. It is safe to type the interrupt character at any time because No value for GDBN does not allow it to take effect until a time when it is safe.

If you have been using No value for GDBN to control an attached process or device, you can release it with the detach command (see section Debugging an Already-running Process).

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