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16. Specifying a Debugging Target

A target is the execution environment occupied by your program.

Often, No value for GDBN runs in the same host environment as your program; in that case, the debugging target is specified as a side effect when you use the file or core commands. When you need more flexibility—for example, running No value for GDBN on a physically separate host, or controlling a standalone system over a serial port or a realtime system over a TCP/IP connection—you can use the target command to specify one of the target types configured for No value for GDBN (see section Commands for Managing Targets).

It is possible to build No value for GDBN for several different target architectures. When No value for GDBN is built like that, you can choose one of the available architectures with the set architecture command.

set architecture arch

This command sets the current target architecture to arch. The value of arch can be "auto", in addition to one of the supported architectures.

show architecture

Show the current target architecture.

set processor

These are alias commands for, respectively, set architecture and show architecture.

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