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18.3.2 Renesas M32R/D and M32R/SDI

target m32r dev

Renesas M32R/D ROM monitor.

target m32rsdi dev

Renesas M32R SDI server, connected via parallel port to the board.

The following No value for GDBN commands are specific to the M32R monitor:

set download-path path

Set the default path for finding downloadable SREC files.

show download-path

Show the default path for downloadable SREC files.

set board-address addr

Set the IP address for the M32R-EVA target board.

show board-address

Show the current IP address of the target board.

set server-address addr

Set the IP address for the download server, which is the No value for GDBN's host machine.

show server-address

Display the IP address of the download server.

upload [file]

Upload the specified SREC file via the monitor's Ethernet upload capability. If no file argument is given, the current executable file is uploaded.

tload [file]

Test the upload command.

The following commands are available for M32R/SDI:


This command resets the SDI connection.


This command shows the SDI connection status.


Instructs the remote that M32R/Chaos debugging is to be used.


Instructs the remote to use the DEBUG_DMA method of accessing memory.


Instructs the remote to use the MON_CODE method of accessing memory.


Instructs the remote to set breakpoints by IB break.


Instructs the remote to set breakpoints by DBT.

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